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We specialize in carbon composites

– materials that allow to make a product that is light, modern, elegant, and that possesses properties and design impossible to achieve with traditional materials.

We deliver satisfaction with products that are functional, durable and pleasing the eye.

Exactly in mentioned order: design in our products is extremely important but it never dominates their function.


Thanks to this philosophy, in handbike business (our primary business), athlete can – on a beautiful bike – change 100% of his/hers power into a result,
being sure that our equipment won’t let him down in the most important moment.


Above principles we use in other businesses, believing that acting according to them guaranties the delivery of an excellent product, which satisfies our clients.


06 January 2017
Incredible race! Notice how rarely handbiker turns cranks compared to cyclist. It is the result of a minimal aerodynamic resistance of a handbike compared to a classical road bike. We...
03 December 2016
T The Polish Post introduced a collection of post stamps “Success of Polish Paralympians Rio 2016”, featuring the Champ Rafał Wilk, on Carbonbike (RevoX fork and EvoX frame). We like...
17 September 2016
Polish athlete - Rafał Wilk won two Paralympics medals. Thanks to his great performance, Poland got gold and silver. We are especially proud of those medals, as the medalist is...

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