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Number of carbon handbikes made solely by Jarek or completed by him, comes up to 300

Number of carbon handbikes with kneeling position, comes up to 40


Jarek's love for carbon handbikes started in 2004, when he made a first one for the best Polish handbiker of the time- Bogdan Król


That bike was then spotted by a legendary athlete - Franz Nietlispach. Franz and Jarek started a project which ended up with the

Models of released to the market: Jetstream (2008), EvoJet (2009), TimeTrial (2010), EvoJet II (2011), EvoX (2013)


In 2015 carbonbike went to Chris Peterson, a brilliant designer and constructor of aluminium handbikes and racing chairs,

the founder of the Top End. For carbonbike.usa Jarek made: RevoX fork (2016), K1 (2017) and K2 (2017)


In Autumn 2021 we inrtoduced a new carbon handbikes brand - JetBike.